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Having been best friends since Primary School, the idea of having a business together was always a little dream in our minds. Creativity and nature have forever been a great love of ours, with Harriet working as a Field Study Centre Instructor for many years and Emily with jobs in Fashion Design and Interiors. It was the chance to create wedding flowers for a close friend that really planted the idea of floristy into our heads, and with the help of Harriet’s mother Elaine who had been a professional Florist, we set about forming King.Witham. 


We quickly realised that we favoured using British grown flowers to their imported cousins, with their twists and imperfect shapes full of life and fragrance. With this is mind, we converted large parts of our gardens and surrounding areas into cutting patches where we grow as many of our own flowers from seed as possible, with the rest sourced from a range of wonderful other Norfolk growers.


Our cutting gardens are our sanctuaries, and we can while away many an hour pottering in our greenhouses and polytunnel. Working seasonally and sustainably is incredibly important to us, which means that we only use peat-free compost in our growing, never any pesticides, and re-use our plastic pots for as many years as they hold up. Our packaging is always recyclable, and we never use floral foam in our work, instead favouring reusable chicken wire and moss. 


We like to think of our designs as having a little bit of a wild air, they are not perfectly formed and our aim is always to create something that looks as though it has naturally grown that way. Whether that be armfulls of ammi mixed with ruffled roses and fragrant sweet peas reminiscent of an English country garden, or hydrangeas dotted with branches of blackberries and crabapples that could be where a crumbling garden wall meets a hedgerow, our creations are always a reflection of the season and the landscape we see around us. 


With Emily based in Antingham and Harriet in Moutlon St Mary, we are able to cover a wide range of areas across Norfolk and into bordering Suffolk with our floristry work. If you are interested in hearing more about what we do, then please do not hesitate to fill in our contact page or send us an email at


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